About Stowe Aviation

Local Stowe attorney Russell Barr has done the seemingly impossible. As a private entrepreneur, he has assembled a committed team from the Agency of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Vermont Governor’s office and some of the most talented aviation professionals in the U.S., to rebuild a valuable but outdated aviation center.

Morrisville-Stowe State Airport (KMVL) opens up easier access to the Stowe resort community from major cities like Boston, New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia with non-stop flying times of a little over an hour. There are 72 million people residing within a 90-minute flight of the Morrisville-Stowe State Airport.

Stowe Aviation is a full service FBO (Fixed Base Operation) at KMVL – the gateway to the Stowe mountain region.  Following the recently completed Stage One of the extensive airport redevelopment program, arriving flights will now find:

  • A totally reconstructed runway, taxiway and apron
  • A new lighting system with Vertical Glide Slope Indicator
  • All new runway lights, identifier lights, and taxiway lighting
  • All new state of the art Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS)
  • Former tree obstructions at both ends of the runway have been removed

Stage Two of the redevelopment program will be funded by $20 million of private investment and will feature:

  • A new passenger terminal/FBO, a true gateway to the region
  • A new air charter company operating state-of-the-art aircraft
  • A planned Customs and Immigration building to facilitate increased direct traffic from Canada
  • A flight training academy featuring full-motion simulators
  • An advanced aircraft maintenance, upgrade, retrofit and enhancement facility
  • A professional aircraft management company
  • An attractive café for use by air travelers and locals alike.

The redevelopment program will redress 30 years of inactivity at the airport. While development at KMVL has been stagnant, continuous significant investments have been made in airports and infrastructure at other mountain regions like Jackson Hole, Telluride and Aspen, which has created thousands of jobs and vast opportunities in tourism, aviation and related industries.

By facilitating improved air access, Stowe Aviation will help bring similar economic benefits and opportunities to the Stowe mountain region, and the timing could not be better.

This “National Interest” Aviation Project is a unique public and private partnership. Stowe Aviation, working with the government, has completed Stage One of the project; which included rebuilding the airport’s runway, infrastructure, and increasing aviation services; while creating substantial jobs. With design work complete and all permits in hand Stage Two of Construction is ready to begin. Additionally, funding is already allocated for Stages Two and Three of this project.

Employment Opportunity at Stowe Aviation

Seeking experienced and dynamic line service technician for growing aviation company in Vermont. 

Line Service Technician / Aircraft Refueler Responsibilities

Line Service Technicians work with team members to provide ground services support and customer service to arriving/departing aircraft, crew members and their passengers.
Fueling aircraft from fuel trucks (with static position in the future)
Accepting fuel deliveries
Parking, towing and securing aircraft
Friendly customer service, to include billing/receiving payments
Flight tracking
Other duties as assigned

Aviation experience is a must. FBO experience is a plus.
Some after hours is required based on the needs of customers.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to info@stoweaviation.com