• FAA awards almost $1.5 million for Morrisville-Stowe airport

    Press Release July 2019

    FAA awards almost $1.5 million for Morrisville-Stowe airport, announced by

    Michele Boomhower | Division Director

    Policy, Planning & Intermodal Development (Aviation, Rail and Public Transit) Division

    Vermont Agency of Transportation

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  • STEM aviation presentation ‘takes off’ at local airport


    Elementary school students visit Morrisville-Stowe State Airport for a STEM lesson

    See the video here

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  • New air service at Morrisville-Stowe airport will help develop airport

    My Champlain Valley – Fox News 44 Feature Story here

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  • Stowe is # 1: The Best Last-Minute Weekend Getaways From NYC

    Harper’s Bazaar named Stowe, Vermont #1 in their list of the 18 Best Last-Minute Getaways from New York City.  They feature Tradewinds as the way to get here!

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  • New jet, fresh out of the factory, lands locally

    A few years ago, the Morrisville-Stowe State Airport lengthened its runway to allow a wider variety of passenger planes to fly people in and out of Lamoille County, and the airport has been as busy as ever.

    Last week, a brand-new twin engine jet chartered by Portsmouth, N.H.-based PlaneSense flew into town and used far less runway than was available. How new? Like, one week out of the factory.

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  • Pilatus PC-24 lands at Morrisville-Stowe Airport

    PlaneSense and the world’s first Pilatus PC-24 jet recently visited Morrisvile-Stowe Airport (MVL) in Vermont. Watch this amazing aircraft’s short field performance as it lands at MVL..

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  • Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce

    Stowe Aviation is a proud member of the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce.  At a recent breakfast meeting, member Heath Eiden of Stowe Media Group created a video of members relating their experience with the Chamber.  Thanks, Heath!  Check out the video HERE

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  • Vail Buys Stowe! – VT SKI + Ride

    Vail Buys Stowe!

    February 21, 2017 Lisa Lynn
    For weeks, the signs have been there: fleet cars with Colorado plates cruising the Mountain Road, helicopters hovering over Spruce Peak, rumors of Vail Resort’s senior management locked in closed door sessions with the head honchos from Stowe Mountain Resort and AIG.

    Today, at 8:00 am Vail Resorts announced it had entered an agreement to acquire Stowe Mountain Resort from Mt. Mansfield Company, Inc. (MMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), for a purchase price of $50 million, subject to certain adjustments. Stowe Mountain Resort will be Vail Resorts’ first mountain resort on the East Coast and complements the company’s network of 10 world-class mountain resorts and three urban ski areas.

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  • Win a VIP SKI Weekend in Stowe – VT SKI + RIDE

    Win a VIP SKI Weekend in Stowe

    February 16, 2017 Lisa Lynn

    Hey friends, what would be your ideal ski weekend?We’ve done the thinking for you. Vermont Ski + Ride, the Vermont Department of Tourism and our partners are going to give an exclusive VIP weekend away to one winner.

    And you can win it if you enter here.

    Tradewind Aviation will fly you to Stowe’s expanded airport (or give you a gas card), give you a pair of super high tech Renoun skis, put you up for the weekend at the swank Topnotch Resort, give you a spa treatment, lift tickets to Stowe Mountain Resort as well as lunch and rock climbing there, cross country skiing (and rental skis) at Trapp Family Lodge and dinner at its new brewery and Bierhall. Plus, a year’s free print subscription to VT SKI + RIDE magazine and Vermont Sports.



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  • WCAX – Vail to buy Stowe Mountain Resort for $50M

    Vail to buy Stowe Mountain Resort for $50M

    Posted: Feb 21, 2017 9:44 AM EST
    Updated: Feb 23, 2017 5:00 PM EST

    By Alexei Rubenstein

    STOWE, Vt. –
    It’s official: Stowe Resort has new owners. The agreement announced Tuesday calls for Vail to buy all the mountain operations for $50 million.

    Most people we spoke to say they’re excited about the deal and the prospect of cheaper ski tickets.

    The slopes at Stowe were crowded with visitors young and old Tuesday trying the sport for the first time. News of the Vail purchase was also making the rounds.

    “If I could buy the early season pass, which is only a little bit more than $600 and also includes skiing at Stowe, that would be huge,” said Rick Saidenberg of Rexford, New York.



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  • Vail Resorts (MTN) To Acquire Stowe Mountain Resort for $50M

    Vail Resorts (MTN) To Acquire Stowe Mountain Resort for $50M

    February 21, 2017 8:04 AM
    Vail Resorts, Inc. (NYSE: MTN) today announced that on Feb. 17, 2017, it entered an agreement to acquire Stowe Mountain Resort from Mt. Mansfield Company, Inc. (MMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), for a purchase price of $50 million, subject to certain adjustments. Stowe Mountain Resort will be Vail Resorts’ first mountain resort on the East Coast and complements the Company’s network of 10 world-class mountain resorts and three urban ski areas.


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  • The Vail Impact: 6 Ways it Could Change VT – VT SKI + Ride

    The Vail Impact: 6 Ways it Could Change VT

    February 22, 2017 Lisa Lynn

    As news of Vail buying Stowe’s lifts and skiing operations circulated like wildfire after the Tuesday morning announcement, questions began popping up in bars, on Facebook and around the internet: “What does this mean?” “What’s next?” And, for Stowe skiers particularly, “where the %#*Q@%U will we park?” To answer the most common questions we’ve heard, here is what we know about the ways the Vail Resorts buyout may impact Vermont:

    1. Costs: Will We Pay More or Less?
    Vail might be known for astronomical day ticket prices (the walk-up window price for age 13-64 is $189, versus $124 at Stowe), but its Epic Pass options have been a bargain and Stowe will be part of the traditional Epic Pass offering for 2017/18, according to spokesperson Kelly Ladyga.

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  • Skiing Stowe Like a Local

    February 10, 2017
    by Alexi Holian
    It’s peak season on Mt. Mansfield and Stowe Mountain Resort is brimming with winter sports enthusiasts enjoying yet another bluebird day in alpine Vermont.

    Among them is Director of Mountain Recreation, Dave Merriam, who is innately familiar with the resort’s 40 miles of ski trails and 12 high-speed lifts (more mile-long lifts than anywhere else in the East).

    Along with the breathtaking scenery, Merriam says, “I love Stowe because of its sustained vertical. At a lot of Eastern resorts, your way down is quite stepped, meaning it’s steep and then flat for a while and then steep and then flat. [Here] you really feel gravity.”

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  • NYC

    The country’s best skiing is now less than 2 hours from NYC

    By Chris Bunting January 12, 2017 | 6:06pm

    And you thought Bernie Sanders was old and white-capped.

    Stowe Mountain Resort — the currently snow-draped, gondola-conjoined duo of Mt. Mansfield and Spruce Peak — has been open in the senator’s home state of Vermont since 1936. The 116-trailed octogenarian has since gone through many, many changes and today, after a few nip/tucks on everything from the high-speed lifts to the lodge and spa over the years, it remains the No. 1 ski spot in the eyes of many of the glossies that still bother to rank such things in the Web 2.0 era.

    Even better news for impatient New Yorkers (forgive the redundancy): The resort town can now be gotten to directly by commercial plane for the first time in over three decades.

    A surprisingly affordable private-ish plane, to boot.


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    Tradewind Aviation
  • Alchemist

    Alchemist Collaborates with Bentley Hops to create Heady Topper Lip Balm


    Check out this video of the innovative partnership!

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  • Airport hyper-busy for holiday weekend

    Airport hyper-busy for holiday weekend

    Stowe Today Caleigh Cross Jan 19, 2017

    Martin Luther King weekend was rocking at the Morrisville-Stowe Airport.

    Stowe Aviation chief executive officer Russ Barr said 17 flights came in Friday night. On Monday, 16 arrived and 17 departed.

    Those are huge numbers for the small airport.

    “We were bursting at the seams,” Barr said.

    Three years ago, before the airport finished renovating its runway, there were no flights on Martin Luther King weekend, according to Barr.

    The state aeronautics administrator, Guy Rouelle, saluted the airport, saying the flight activity was unprecedented.

    “I have not seen this type of activity at one of our state airports, including Rutland. I’m speaking from 30 years’ experience associated with Vermont aviation,” Rouelle wrote.



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  • The country’s best skiing is now less than 2 hours from NYC

    The country’s best skiing is now less than 2 hours from NYC

    New York Post, January 12, 2017

    Stowe Mountain Resort — the currently snow-draped, gondola-conjoined duo of Mt. Mansfield and Spruce Peak — has been open in the senator’s home state of Vermont since 1936. The 116-trailed octogenarian has since gone through many, many changes and today, after a few nip/tucks on everything from the high-speed lifts to the lodge and spa over the years, it remains the No. 1 ski spot in the eyes of many of the glossies that still bother to rank such things in the Web 2.0 era.

    Read the Article at https://nypost.com/2017/01/12/the-countrys-best-skiing-is-now-less-than-2-hours-from-nyc/

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  • Miller Family Flies Tradewind

    Miller Family Flies Tradewind

    (Courtesy of Spruce Peak at Stowe)



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  • Tradewind Aviation – New air service provided from New York to Stowe Aviation

    New air service provided from New York to Stowe

    WCAX.com December 9, 2015


    It’s been more than 30 years, but now passengers who want scheduled air service out of Stowe have it.

    Tradewind Aviation is taking off this Friday with weekend flights to Westchester County, New York. The New York-based carrier operates eight passenger turboprop planes and says one-way tickets will cost $350. Bulk purchases can bring the cost down to $250. For now, the airline is aiming at primarily leisure travelers looking for a weekend of skiing, or a trip to the Big Apple.

    “You’re right there in White Plains and, of course, in Westchester, Fairfield, you’re right there, 15-minute ride from pretty much anywhere you want and then it’s very easy access into New York City, both whether by driving or very easy public transportation connections,” said Eric Zipkin from Tradewind Aviation.

    “The rumor of just rich people using airports is an old one. We have people here who own their own airplanes, working class people own their own airplanes, fly their own airplanes here for hobbies, but with Tradewinds, just about anybody can afford a ticket to New York now and it really changes the aspect of the airport, the airport is one for everybody,” said Tom Anderson, Stowe Aviation.

    Anderson says the new flights are part of multipronged development effort including a new terminal, aviation maintenance facilities and flight training. He hopes to expand from six full-time employees to 35 in the next year.


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  • Private air shuttle service from the New York City area to Stowe is being offered for the first time in more than 30 years.

    ?TOWNANDCOUNTRYMAG.COM, November 18th, 2015

    Stowe, in northern Vermont, is one of the best ski destinations on the East Coast.

    But its remote location means a trip from New York City by car takes about six hours. Flying commercially involves a flight to Burlington, VT followed by a one-hour drive. To cut that travel time down to a one hour, a private air shuttle and charter company will begin offering scheduled flights from White Plains, NY to Stowe’s airport next week.

    Tradewind Aviation, which also operates shuttle flights from Westchester County Airport to Boston, flies Pilatus PC-12 planes with interior cabins that resemble private jets’.

    It’s the first scheduled flight service to Stowe in more than 30 years and was created in conjunction with Stowe Aviation following the airport’s $27 million renovation.

    All passengers on the on Westchester/Stowe flights, whose rates start at $350 plus tax per one-way flight and $250 when purchased in a commuter ticket book, ?can travel with ski equipment at no additional charge.?

    The new flights begin Tuesday, November 24 and will continue with flights departing Westchester on Friday afternoons at 3pm and 6:30pm and from Stowe on Sundays at 3pm and 6:30pm.

    As with all private flights, there is no TSA screening and on-board snacks are complimentary. Sounds like a much nicer way to get to a ski mountain than I-91 North.


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  • Stowe Aviation Scheduled Airline Service to New York

    Taking flight

    By Tommy Gardner | Stowe Reporter | Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2015 6:00 am
    In the year since the Morrisville-Stowe Airport reopened with much fanfare, air traffic has been steady — but it’s been a matter of getting your own plane there, or hiring someone to fly you in and out.
    Until now.

    Stowe Aviation, which operates the state-owned airport, announced this week that, starting Dec. 11, it will offer regularly scheduled flights between Morrisville and White Plains, N.Y., just north of New York City.

    It’s the first time in the airport’s history that a local traveler can hop a commercial plane without having to drive to Burlington or beyond.  The company is partnering with Tradewind Aviation, a Connecticut airline whose stops include Boston, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and a handful of Caribbean islands.

    Stowe Aviation CEO Russell Barr said small, state-owned airports are quickly becoming a critical part of the nation’s transportation grid.  Barr’s wife, Toni, has another phrase for it: “We call it the power of the plane.”

    At first, there will be four weekend flights — two flights into and out of Stowe on Friday and two on Sunday.  According to Tradewind, direct flights start at $350 plus tax for a one-way ticket, although the airline sells premium “commuter ticket books” that knock $100 off a one-way flight. So, a round trip between Morrisville and White Plains will cost between $500 and $750, plus tax.

    Online ticket sites show a comparable round trip between Burlington and White Plains for about $550.  What does that extra money get you? For starters, you don’t have to leave the house two-plus hours before the flight to drive to Burlington, pay or arrange for parking, take your shoes and belt off in the TSA line, sit around the gate, and roll the dice on who you’re going to sit next to on the flight. Instead, you get to the airport 15 minutes before your flight, park your car in the free parking area and let Stowe Aviation and Tradewind take care of the rest.

    Since the planes being used are smaller — in weight and seating capacity — than many commercial jetliners, the Transportation Security Administration exempts them from having to screen passengers. The planes are eight-seater turboprop Pilatus PC-12s, “the most popular business aircraft in the industry today,” said Tom Anderson, Stowe Aviation’s president and chief operating officer. As a bonus, he added, Stowe Aviation’s chief mechanic already has four years of experience on the Pilatus.

    Toni Barr said sales representatives at Stowe Mountain Resort have told her some of their regulars would like to be able to fly to New York for a Broadway show, and suggested the resort could add a night in the Big Apple into their vacation packages.  “Nantucket, St. Barths, Stowe. Isn’t that kind of amazing?” Russell Barr said this week. “And this is just the beginning.”  Tradewind doesn’t need to fill all eight seats on every flight to and from Stowe to keep its affiliation with the local airport, according to Anderson. Toni Barr thinks the eight-seat flights will fill up regularly, anyway. “They (Tradewind) understand it’s a year or two before any route shows its true potential,” Anderson said.

    Vermont has 10 state-owned airports; the only one with scheduled flights is Rutland, and that Rutland-Boston flight gets a federal subsidy. In contrast, the Morristown-Stowe route is based on market demand. “This is the public-private partnership we were talking about from the beginning,” Anderson said. “After we add this, it changes the paradigm.”

    Not just for Stowe

    Although the company is going to push hard in the New York City metro area, marketing to city residents who might want to fly up for a weekend in Stowe, the real value for residents in the Lamoille County area is exactly the opposite: They get easy access from Morrisville to the New York City and beyond. Barr also pointed out there’s plenty for tourists to do in places other than Stowe, all a short distance from the airport.  “This automatically adds value for the people who turn right out of the airport instead of left,” Barr said. That’s the direction toward Morrisville. Toni Barr added that there’s a misconception that Stowe Aviation owns the airport, when in fact it’s just the operator. “We are the stewards, not the owners,” she said. It’s been roughly one year since the airport reopened after a $4.4 million upgrade, part of a planned $27 million renovation. Last summer, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin landed in a sleek Cirrus and posed for pictures, ribbons were cut, speeches were delivered, and promises were made about the future vitality of the airport. Barr and Anderson say they’ve almost met that promise, and years earlier than anticipated.

    Busy airport

    “Our state airports are engines of regional economic development,” Shumlin said this week. “The investments we make in safety and facility improvements are attracting new business that will bring even more economic activity.” Air traffic into the Morrisville-Stowe Airport has increased steadily in the past year, thanks to the runway improvements and the fixed operation base. Stowe Aviation isn’t exactly sharing its business reports, but Anderson said business is good. And it’s not coming solely from the recreation sector, which the company assumed would be the case. Instead, as much as 45 percent of traffic into the airport is business-related. One group flew up just to try out local breweries, driving up to Greensboro to visit Hill Farmstead, and dropping in on Morrisville’s Rock Art and Lost Nation. A local interior designer had clients flying up multiple times instead of driving. Anderson says he is going through fuel just as quickly as he can fill up the tanks.

    Stowe Soaring, the glider-ride outfit that was at the airport long before Barr and company set up Stowe Aviation, is still going strong, and the growing pains between the old generation of flyers and the new, buttoned-up and professional outfit seem to be subsiding.

    Thanks to the upgrades, plus the money Stowe Aviation is sinking into the place, planes are coming into and out of Stowe all winter . In addition to a snowplow, the airport has a loader with a huge brush attached to the front, a 2,700-ton-per-hour snowblower, heated airport-quality sand, and “some of the best snow-fighters around,” Anderson says.

    That’s good, since Tradewind’s flights start just before Christmas.


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  • Stowe Aviation participates in the Vermont ANG Boss Lift

    Stowe Aviation Flies with the Vermont Air National Guard

    SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. ­ Soaring through the clouds, two KC­135 Stratotanker refueling jets were accompanied by three F­16 Fighting Falcons. Civilian employers from Vermont and New Hampshire had the rare opportunity of not just getting to ride in the refueling tanker, but also to be a part of the refueling mission Aug. 14, 2015. The Vermont and New Hampshire Air National Guard bases joined forces under the guidance of their Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) chapters to recognize nominated employers of their Airmen to participate in the Boss Lift 2015. Comprised more than 4,600 volunteers, the ESGR is a bridge between military and civilian employers and act as liaisons when it comes to employing military personnel in the civilian workforce. “It was an incredible way to show employers what drill status guardsmen do during military training and a great way to say thank you for their support and sacrifice,” said Dave Wheel, Vermont’s ESGR employer support specialist.  “Overall, the reception and flight were a great success. It was a great time for everyone.” Having a working relationship between civilian employers and the National Guard is key in having an operational military and a supportive community. For the employers in both Vermont and New Hampshire, the Boss Lift was created to give a very special thank you for all the work and support they have shown. “It’s a give and take relationship between the civilian and military work forces, the difficulty in having a military member leave is sometimes irreplaceable,” said Bobbi Gillespie, a manager from a market in Richmond, Vt. “The military members give their lives to protect us and give us their time to work in the community as civilians as well.” National Guard members, unlike their active­duty counterparts, typically live and work in their communities as civilians when not doing their two days a month and two weeks out of the year military training. Most of the time Airmen can plan out military dates with their employers; however, natural disasters, emergencies, and deployments requiring Airmen to leave their civilian jobs can occur at any moment and for significant amounts of time.  Russ Barr, CEO and Toni Barr, VP/Executive Director International Relations from Stowe Aviation were invited to and participated on the Boss Lift 2015. Russ is enthusiastic about what the ESGR brings to businesses like Stowe Aviation, he says “right here in our community this is such a great resource, these extremely talented and motivated aviation professionals, and Stowe Aviation is committed to supporting our military personnel and creating great job opportunities for them right here in Vermont.  https://www.dvidshub.net/news/printable/173763

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  • Stowe Vermont one of the12 Cutest Small Towns In America

    The 12 Cutest Small Towns In America

    Stowe, Vermont. View Panoramic.
    Stowe, Vermont, named one of the 12 Cutest Small Towns In America.  Live out your own Sound of Music fantasy by booking a trip to the Trapp Family Lodge, founded by the actual Von Trapps and today managed by their descendants.


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  • Heady Topper

    Another Great Business ‘Stowery’ 

    Congratulations to The Alchemist Brewery (whose critically acclaimed ‘HeadyTopper’ IPA has been rated the world’s Best Beer) on obtaining planning approval to build their new brewery and retail store right here in in Stowe.

    Now Stowe will be able to boast a great new airport and a world-class beer. Sorry syrup makers, but at MVL we have already noticed that a case or two (if you’re lucky enough to find it) of Heady Topper is rapidly becoming our visitors’ favorite take home souvenir of Vermont. There’s a joke here somewhere about “There’s a fly-in my beer” but we’ll save that for another day!

    Cheers from Stowe Aviation!

    Link to the Alchemist Brewery website: http://alchemistbeer.com/

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  • Travel + Leisure – America’s Favorite Mountain Towns – Stowe Vermont

    No. 3 Stowe, VT

    Stowe was a summer destination for city dwellers seeking respite from the heat long before it became a skiing destination. And to this day, summer is peak season for this tiny Vermont town beneath the Green Mountains. Readers gave Stowe high red-white-and-blue marks for both its patriotism and its old-fashioned July 4th parade and celebration. It also scored highly for its active and athletic locals—the kind of people who’d appreciate the 5.3-mile hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing trail that threads through town. It crosses the West Branch River 11 times over wooden bridges and past the restaurants and shops lining Mountain Road.  Link to the article here:  http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/americas-favorite-mountain-towns/4

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  • Tod Gunter Aviation Art Stowe Aviation

    Stowe Aviation Hosts Local Aviation Artist at the Terminal Building at the Morrisville-Stowe State Airport

    Tod Gunter’s hyper realistic aircraft illustrations on display for the public

    Morrisville, VT, March 10, 2015:

    Stowe Aviation

    Stowe Aviation, the new Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the Morrisville-Stowe State Airport has hosted numerous local artists’ works in the terminal building, just recently ending a six month showing of both the Helen Day Art Center and the River Arts of Vermont artists’ works. Stowe Aviation is excited to feature a local aviation artist from Stowe, Vermont, Tod Gunter. His hyper realistic aircraft illustrations of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom and the F4U Corsair have been tremendously well received by both aviation enthusiasts and others visiting the airport.

    About the Art

    Tod’s limited edition illustrations are digital creations, executed on a Macintosh computer. The artwork is drawn and airbrushed “by eye,” the same as if he was painting on a traditional canvas. No 3D applications are used. The subject aircraft is meticulously researched, and the initial rendering can take three to four months to complete.

    The renderings are printed individually on an eight-color giclée printer, not unlike fine art prints. Giclées have extraordinary color and resolution, which cannot be matched by typical commercial printing.

    About the Artist

    Tod Gunter has been a design professional for thirty-six years, with four patents to his credit in product design.

    Tod began doing aircraft profile illustrations in 2001, using the rendering skills he developed working as an industrial designer. The marriage of his lifelong love of airplanes, and his passion for design and art, evolved into his business, called Plane Profiles. Tod is opening a gallery in Stowe exclusively for his artwork in late March, 2015.

    Prints of Tod’s art were the official souvenir of the 2005 air show, ‘Corsairs Over Connecticut,’ in Stratford, CT. The show celebrated the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII. The F4U Corsair, which was built in Stratford, played a huge role in the Pacific Theater.

    In autumn of 2014, the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum began selling open edition digital prints of Tod’s illustrations, which he created especially for the museum.

    A published artist, three of Tod’s Corsair profiles were included as two-page spreads in the book, ‘Swashbucklers and Black Sheep,’ by historical author Bruce Gamble.

    In addition to his F4U Corsair and F-4 Phantom series of prints, Tod is currently working on several new pieces, including the P-51D Mustang, the B-17G Flying Fortress, the F4U-4 Corsair, and the F/A-18A Hornet.

    A native New Englander, Tod lives in Stowe, Vermont. His work can be seen online at www.planeprofiles.com.

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  • The epic history of Stowe Mountain Resort


    The epic history of Stowe Mountain Resort – 


    Burlington Free Press – BRIAN LINDNER – Of the more than 100 trails, two famous ski trails at Stowe are named after visionary men who, more than eight decades ago, saw Mount Mansfield as the ideal location to promote an entirely new industry in Vermont. Another trail is named after the man credited with eventually making Stowe “The Ski Capital of the East” and a fourth is named for the man who helped finance major improvements.

    Stowe Mountain Resort had its earliest beginnings in a rough old lumber camp in Ranch Valley to the west of today’s Vermont 108 — several miles from today’s main resort. The only ski trails remaining near the former site of Ranch Camp are those from the resort’s Cross Country Center. All downhill skiing long ago migrated further up the road to where the resort sits today at the south entrance to Smugglers Notch.

    Nobody knows exactly when the first skis glided across the winter snow in Stowe but it was almost certainly in the mid to late 1800s. Stowe was a farming and logging community after the Civil War and loggers sometimes traveled through the winter woods on long boards with upturned tips.

    Link to the full story here: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/local/2015/03/05/stowe-mountain-resort/24407247/

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  • Forbes – Stowe One of Top 10 Ski Towns

    Forbes – Stowe One of Top 10 Ski Towns


    Forbes -Stowe Vermont named as one of the Top 10 Ski Towns in America. Many eastern ski resorts lack an accompanying town, but Stowe is easily the best example of the ski town in New England. When the real life Von Trapp family fled Austria, immortalized in the Sound of Music, they ended up in Stowe, a picturesque Vermont ski town with a pronounced European Alpine influence. Today the Von Trapps make cheese, maple syrup, and run a resort hotel that includes the nation’s very first Nordic ski center. Stowe has several other Nordic trail systems, lots more local artisan food, and all sorts of lodging from full-blown spa resorts to charming inns and country bed & breakfasts. Full of two century old buildings, it is home to the Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum and the unique Stowe Recreation path, which links bars, restaurants and stores for walkers, runner, and snowshoers. Named one of the nation’s Thousand Points of Light, its success has been studied by urban planners from all over the world.  See the full story here:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2015/03/04/10-best-ski-towns-in-am


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  • Arts collaboration at Stowe Aviation

    Stowe Today

    Helen Day Art Center of Stowe and River Arts of Morrisville have partnered with the recently launched Stowe Aviation to make Stowe Aviation’s Fixed Base of Operations at the Morrisville-Stowe Airport a showcase for Vermont’s creative community.

    Fourteen works by local artists hang in the building that will welcome visitors arriving from all points of the compass.

    Art by Don Hanson and Kelly Holt of Stowe, Galen Cheney of Middlesex, Marie LaPre Grabon of Hardwick, Matt Neckers of Eden, and Judith Wrend of Morrisville will join the work of Stowe native Chris Stearns on the walls of the FBO through January 2015.

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  • State, business happy about airport

    Stowe Today
    By Tommy Gardner | 08/07/14

    Public-private partnership pays dividends

    The reopening of the Morrisville-Stowe airport is being touted as a public-private partnership, but it’s also personal — a story of a kid who wanted to fly and his family who thought he just might be on to something.

    “This is an example of where we got it right in a public-private relationship,” Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said at Tuesday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

    Federal aviation money covered 90 percent of $4.4 million in recent upgrades at the airport, including a completely reconstructed 3,700-foot runway, new taxiways and a new approach lighting system.

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  • Student helps land improvements at Vt. airport

    Student helps land improvements at Vt. airport
    By Alex Apple | 08/08/14

    It’s time for takeoff once again at the Morrisville-Stowe Airport.
    “And we’re in the air,” Pilot Harrison Barr said.
    We took to the air in a Cirrus Aircraft XR22 to give us a bird’s-eye view of the newly renovated airport. Flying us around– a 19-year-old business student from the University of Vermont. He’s been flying for four years and he’s already piloting one of the most expensive personal planes.

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  • Fly along

    stowe today
    By Tommy Gardner | 08/07/14

    “David, we’re not gonna get it, David. Slow down. He’s gotta get closer. We’re not gonna get the shot. Gah! Let’s circle back around.”

    That was acclaimed aerial photographer Mark Greenberg being a back-seat driver. Or back-seat flyer, in this case, barking directions to pilot David Mendal, who was maneuvering a nimble Cirrus SR22 a quarter to half a mile above the western Lamoille valley.

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  • $20 Million In Upgrades At Morrisville/Stowe Airport

    $20 Million In Upgrades At Morrisville/Stowe Airport

    by Staci DaSilva | 05/08/14

    The state of Vermont is cranking up investments in its airports. For example, leaders say what was once a crumbling runway in Stowe is now a vehicle for economic development. Last year, the Morrisville/Stowe State Airport lost $21,900.

    Airport officials and surrounding business owners are hoping a revamped airport will attract people to the area.

    The Brass Lantern Inn Bed & Breakfast is located 3 miles down the street from the Morrisville/Stowe State Airport. It’s owned by George and Mary Anne Lewis.

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  • Morrisville-Stowe State Airport getting upgrade

    Morrisville-Stowe State Airport getting upgrade
    Associated Press |08/04/14

    Small planes are once again flying in and out of a small Vermont airport that has gotten its first big upgrade in 35 years.

    The Morrisville-Stowe State Airport now has a fully reconstructed runway, new lighting system, reconfigured parking, and other improvements.

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    You could say the runway expansion at the state-owned Morrisville-Stowe State Airport started five years ago, when then-14-year-old Harrison Barr told his parents he wanted to learn to fly planes.

    Russell Barr said his son learned to pilot in what the community called a “bucket of bolts,” a 1960 Cessna 150. The local airport was rundown, its runway was crumbling, and flight training opportunities were hard to find, he said Tuesday morning at a ribbon-cutting to mark the airport’s reopening under new management — the Barrs.

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    Vermont Public Radio
    By Amy Kolb Noyes

    Small planes are once again zooming in and out of the Morrisville-Stowe State Airport. The airport has been closed since early April as the airfield underwent the first phase of a $27 million upgrade. It’s the first significant upgrade to the facility in 35 years.

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  • Airport Set to Take Off

    Stowe Today
    By Biddle Duke |

    The Morrisville-Stowe Airport is set to reopen Aug. 1 with a new $4.5 million runway, the first phase of $27 million in investments that the new operators expect will make the airport a major economic engine for the region.

    The runway was completely rebuilt and shifted south for safety reasons. It includes new taxiways, parking aprons and the addition of state-of-the-art lighting and navigational aids. The work was funded entirely by the state and federal transportation agencies.

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  • Airport Plans Advance

    Stowe Reporter
    By Lisa McCormack Feb. 14, 2014

    Plans for major improvements at the Morrisville-Stowe Airport took a step forward last month when the Morristown Developmental Review Board approved the project.Copley Hospital – Copley Woodlands – Medium Rectangle A group of investors is looking to give the airport a makeover. A new terminal and hangar, a coffee shop and a top-tier flight school are a few of the improvements they’re eyeing.

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  • Airport Facelift on the Runway

    Stowe Reporter
    By Lisa McCormack Dec. 26, 2013

    Stowe attorney Russell Barr stands with his plans for a new and improved Morristown-Stowe Airport.A group of investors is looking to give the Morristown-Stowe Airport a makeover. A new terminal and hangar, a coffee shop and a top-tier flight school are a few of the improvements they’re eyeing.They’re confident they can turn the tiny state-owned airport into a major economic engine for Lamoille County.

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  • Vermont Small Airports Get Much-needed Overhaul

    Burlington Free Press
    by Nancy Remsen Oct. 14, 2013

    Tom Anderson, aviation operations and pilot with the Vermont Agency of Transportation, stands near the end of the Morrisville Airport runway off Rt. 100 north of Stowe. Riddled with cracks, bumps and other problems, the facility will benefit from it’s own pre-planning combined with a side effect of the government shutdown, getting millions in federal air to rebuilt and improve air strip.

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